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Manufacturing is the largest sector in need for foreign labours in Malaysia. Electric and electronics, plastic, metal, garment and automotive industries are actively require steady supply of manpower throughout the year. The workers are mostly sourced from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Vietnam and Indonesia. Between years 2005 and 2006, around 48% of total foreign workers in Malaysia were recruited in manufacturing sector. 


Plantation is the 3rd largest sector in terms of employing foreign workers. The requirement for these workers usually come from vegetable and flower farming, palm oil estates, tea plantations and rubber and latex industries. Indonesia, India, and Nepal contribute mainly workers to this sector. In year 2005, plantation sector took 8% of foreign workers share and 15%. 


With current massive real estate boom in Malaysia, construction industry stood as the 4th largest sector requiring for foreign labour supply. Housing development, overhead and underground cable laying, road building and architectural projects are constantly supplied with workers from Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, India. In the year 2005, 12% of total foreign workforce was sourced for this sector alone. 15% of total supply was done in 2006.



This is the 2nd largest sector, with the demand coming mainly from facilities cleaning, restaurant, tonsorial, laundering and domestic outlets. The workers came mainly from Bangladesh, Nepal, Vietnam, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. Supply was at 12% in 2005 and 15% in 2006 respectively.








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